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For over a decade I’ve been focussed on mobile gaming, applying mobile to traditional business in unique ways, and working on extending brands into the mobile space. While designing and developing mobile games and applications that have captured users’ interest and attention, I have learned what works and what doesn’t in mobile applications. I’ve evolved games that have had limited success into winners, and I’ve helped take successful titles to new levels.

Through discussions and partnerships with major licensing partners, I’ve help educate and inform brand managers about the benefits of going mobile with their brand and worked towards finding shared goals of financial prosperity for a mobile application, and increased awareness of their brand in the bigger picture.

My passion is in finding ways to enhance products, brands and businesses though the application of mobile technology, platforms and methods. Whether it be through technical design of a mobile product, marketing suggestions to maximize the exposure mobile can bring, or devising business models that optimise the benefits that mobile offers, I look for the right solutions for each individual company’s objectives.

I’d love to discuss how mobile can work for your business or brand and how I can help make that happen. Hit me up on Twitter @thesuavehog or fill out the form below to email me.

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