The Week in Mobile: Ep. 11: Big media kicks sand in Zite’s eyes

The awesome (and Canadian!) Zite app on iPad gets a cease-and-desist letter from 10 major media companies. Legal action by RIAA didn’t stop the proliferation of digital music, how will media companies adjust to the new digital news distribution reality? QR codes are just getting going, but are they DOA? Google is clamping down on Android device manufacturers; is a truly open mobile platform doomed to fragmentation and what is the long-term strategy for Google on Android? RIM is on the verge of their most important product launch in years, but is the QNX operating system the real crown jewel of RIM’s future, not the PlayBook? PlayBook ships without native PIM clients, in-app billing in Android could have a major impact, and more verbal jousting from your favourite mobile media commentators!

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Pro podcast tip: listen at 2x speed if you find the hour too long! It’s still easy to follow along at that speed.

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RELATED: Rob Woodbridge interviewed Zite’s Founder/CEO Ali Davar so if you want to hear more about Zite, check it out here.


This week:

  1. Note to Media: Don’t Fight ZITE, Learn From It (
  2. Why newspapers should be loving up mobile content aggregators instead of suing them (
  3. QR Codes: Goodbye and Good Riddance (
  4. Google begins tightening control over Android ecosystem (
  5. QNX, Not the PlayBook Is the Key to RIM’s Future (
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  1. Armand says:

    Amazing content, I seriously enjoy updates from you.

  2. Jeff Bacon says:

    Thanks Armand. We really enjoy doing the podcast so glad to hear people are enjoying listening to it!

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