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eCoast Mobile Summit Wrapup

Yesterday I attended the eCoast Mobile Summit. It was a good day of panels on various topics in the mobile realm. Chuck Martin (@chuckmartin1) kicked off the day with a great overview of many issues to consider when thinking about … Continue reading

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Why can’t everybody just get along?

Around the turn of the century (and for a few years following), the mobile phone industry exploded. It seemed like every month there was a new company designing and manufacturing a new cell phone. Nokia, Sony, Siemens, Ericsson, Motorola, Kyocera, … Continue reading

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New Beginnings…

Everyone has to have a compulsory first post on their blog right? The one that goes “I started this blog to …. yada yada yada”. So let’s get this one out-of-the-way so I can start on to the more interesting … Continue reading

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