How to Leverage Mobile for Customer Engagement: Part 4: Personalization

One of the greatest benefits of adding a mobile presence to your business is the ability to completely personalize each customer’s experience. By providing information, specials, promotions, sales and experiences that resonate with each specific customer, response rates and conversion rates can be increased to levels previously unheard of.

Mobile devices are inherently personal. Users tend to leverage their mobile device as a repository for information on their friends, relatives, business associates and general day-to-day activity. The use cases for mobile devices make it easy for users to accept that what they will see, in any application, on their mobile device will be specific to their interests and personality. This expectation opens the door for not just one-to-one marketing but for timing promotions and messaging differently for each customer and leveraging a customer’s social graph to provide even better contextual information for optimizing marketing messages.

Tracking user behaviour doesn’t mean silently violating a user’s privacy. Simply doing behavioural analysis of a user’s actions in you app or when interacting with your business can make personalized messaging much more effective. For example, say you are selling sandwiches and you have a user that over the course of two weeks orders 7 times. 5 times they order a ham & cheese, 2 times they order chicken. By looking at your overall demographics and user behaviour, you know that 75% of customers that order those two types of sandwiches are health conscious. It’s obvious that you should not bother sending coupons or offers to this customer about the bacon & pepperoni sandwich but what happens of the next week they order a super-steak sandwich on a Friday? Maybe they use Friday as a special day and get premium subs on that day. Tracking this specific user’s behaviour allows you to build a personal profile rather than fitting them into larger generic customer profiles.

What about timing? When do you message a customer about a sale or special? How about when they are most likely to be an active customer! Following the sandwich example, does that customer order their sandwiches for lunch or dinner? Messaging them about a sale or special when they are getting hungry (say, 11am or 5pm respectively) will be far more effective that sending out all your promotions at the same time.

Also consider location. By having the customer connect your business to their Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. profiles allows you to look at where they are as well. If you are a local company, and the customer is in another country, don’t bother sending them a sale good for today only. By specializing the marketing you send you will improve its relevance to the customer and that will increase the response rate as well.

There are myriad ways of leveraging a customer’s personal information to customize and optimize the marketing you expose them to. By doing one-on-one marketing you will see massive improvements in the effectiveness of your marketing and, ultimately, lower costs if you can scale back your shotgun-style marketing (TV, print, etc.) and focus on pin-point marketing to specific repeat customers.

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