Company Portfolio

Below is the portfolio of companies whom I have formally worked with or consulted with. I’ve advised numerous companies in an unofficial capacity but I think I have or will make the most lasting impact with these few:

Magmic Games

Company: Magmic Inc. (privately held)
Founded: 2002

I worked at Magmic for almost 8 years in a variety of roles from Developer, IT, and Team Lead to Product Manager and Director. We designed, built and ported a LOT of games during that time — many of which are listed on my ‘My Games‘ page but tonnes that are not. We developed and published titles on J2ME, BREW, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7 and Android. We launched the first BlackBerry entertainment portal in Bplay and virtually created the market for gaming on BlackBerry. At one time, we were doing BlackBerry work for 8 of the world’s top-10 mobile publishers.

bitHeads Inc. (Ascension Crossmedia)

Company: Ascension Crossmedia Inc. (privately held)
Founded: 1995

bitHeads and Bedlam Games joined forces in 2011 to create Ascension Crossmedia. bitHeads brings 15+ years of custom software development experience in all genres of product (enterprise, mobile, entertainment, etc.) and Bedlam brings an experienced console/PC gaming staff. Together with those teams, I am working with customers to re-shape the way media is consumed by integrating mobile into the traditional product consumption mix and also to integrate great mobile experiences into many businesses and industries.

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