I’ve been involved in mobile gaming since 2003 and in mobile since 2000. I helped build Magmic Games from three people to over a hundred. I’ve designed, developed and/or marketed over 150 mobile entertainment products on iPhone, BlackBerry, J2ME, BREW, Windows Mobile & Windows Phone 7. I advise companies on mobile strategy, mobile marketing, and how to take a brand and maximize it on mobile platforms.

Currently I am the Director of Mobile Strategy for Ascension Crossmedia (you may know us as bitHeads or Bedlam Games). We make great mobile (and PC/Console/Web) games, technology, applications and products for a HUGE variety of customers and partners. Those links only showcase a few of our games and partners.

This blog is an outlet for thoughts, rants and opinions on various topics but usually around mobile and gaming though occasionally I’ll stray into other areas.

Opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, partners or really anyone else!

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