The Week in Mobile: Ep. 10 – The $41 Million Bet

Why is Google delaying the availability of the Honeycomb source code? How will in-app billing on Android impact the market? We have a heated discussion on the PlayBook, its competitiveness, its support for Android, and more — one of our better discussions I think. And finally, how can a $41 million investment in a company that hadn’t launched a product be justified? Is this truly the sign of VCs going crazy?

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Pro podcast tip: listen at 2x speed if you find the hour too long! It’s still easy to follow along at that speed.

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This week:

  1. No Open-Source for Honeycomb?
  2. In-App Billing on Android
  3. PlayBook: competitiveness, Android support, and more!
  4. The Color of Money
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