The Week in Mobile: Ep. 9 – NFC FTW

This week on TWiM we talk more NFC and it’s impact in personal monetary transfers. The New York Times starts down the path of charging for digital content while Richard Branson tries giving it away for free. Amazon brings their marketing and sales knowhow to Android — will they become the dominant Android marketplace? AT&T cuts of unauthorized tethered users from unlimited plans and TeleNav reveals some interesting stats on GPS usage.

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Pro podcast tip: listen at 2x speed if you find the hour too long! It’s still easy to follow along at that speed.

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This week:

  1. The NFC Roundup
  2. New York Times erects a paywall and Branson gives it away for free
  3. Amazon Android store pricing strategy revealed
  4. AT&T closes down the UNTETHERED crowd
  5. TeleNav tells us what we use our GPS for

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