The Week in Mobile: Ep. 8 – Is that a bubble busting?

This week on TWiM we discuss how mobile and social are influencing the way we communicate, generate and consume news and information in the wake of the Japan earthquake. Is $42 million a good investment in Rovio? Why would someone put that much money into a one-hit wonder and are there parallels to previous seemingly ridiculous investments in the late 90’s or to previous success stories of the past? Guerrilla marketing tactics are not just for small businesses as Apple upstaged SXSW by packing a temporary local store full of iPad 2s. And finally, RIM signs an exclusive deal with 7digital for music on the PlayBook and shows off some new features at SXSW — could we be seeing the PlayBook show up sooner than expected?

Pro podcast tip: listen at 2x speed if you find the hour too long! It’s still easy to follow along at that speed.

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This week:

  1. Japan’s tragedy and how mobile alters the way we consume news and communicate
  2. Rovio’s $42 million investment (the argument ensues)
  3. Apple steals the SXSW thunder (and sells a ton of iPads)
  4. The Playbook visits Austin and Rob nominates “on the street Jeff” to launch instead of the co-CEO’s
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