Mobile App Madness in Toronto

In my completely professional and ‘unbiased’ opinion, if you’ll be in Toronto at the end of March, you should check out the Mobile App Madness event. My opinion is obviously unbiased since I’m not speaking at it, and it’s not sponsored by my employer… oh wait, yes I am and yes it is! =) But still, it’s a good opportunity to come hear some expert opinion on the mobile space (and yes, I humbly include myself in that grouping) from Ipsos Reid, Sympatico, bitHeads and App Promo. More details below and many more on the site. Hit me up on Twitter (@thesuavehog) or comment below and I’ll answer any Q’s anyone has on the event. Should be fun!

Who would have thought that keeping up with the Apps could have been so challenging? First Smartphones, and now Tablets, Apps are taking over the mobile world. But what about Mobile Web, HTML5 and all other things mobile?

Discover and learn the secrets of all things mobile on March 31st in Toronto, Ontario, from experienced professionals who have created, developed and distributed (but more importantly made money) in mobile Apps, Mobile Web and all things mobile.

By attending Keeping up with the Apps on March 31st, you will learn

  1. Emerging trends in the mobile ecosystem regarding smartphones, Apps, Tablets, and eReaders.
  2. How to build apps that influence markets, extend services, sell products and create value and brand loyalty thru experience and content using Applications
  3. Discovery marketing and distribution – How to promote your applications.
  4. All about actual consumer grade products through mobile application case histories on BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad and Android.
  5. What it takes to be No. 1 in the App Stores.

This half-day session is FREE but limited to first 150 professionals to ensure a personal experience with an opportunity to interact directly with presenters.

Thursday, March 31, 2011
8:30am -11:00am

Thompson Hotel
50 Wellington Street West, Toronto, Canada
The Wellington Ballroom

More Details…Press Release

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