The Week in Mobile: Ep. 6 – Smurfs Selling Contraband

This week on ‘The Week in Mobile’, lots of buzz on the recent stats on global mobile application stores but we cut through all the iPhone and Android talk and discuss why the numbers show BlackBerry is doing the best. 4.5 million tablets were sold in Q3’10 (mostly iPads) but what will the iPad 2 herald and will it actually keep the ‘best in class’ crown once the PlayBook is released? Kids love the Smurfs but parents don’t like all the in-app purchase charges — does the FTC really need to get involved or are parents supposed to be smarter than that? Square drops its transaction fee but is it a dead-man-walking company (despite a $240 million valuation)? Listen to this episode for all that and more insightful banter between your charming co-hosts!

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This week:

  1. Apple’s pending iPad announcement
  2. Android’s marketplace growth and where the money really is in apps (hint: it ain’t Android)
  3. Square drops their transaction fee as the battle heats up in mobile payments
  4. Why didn’t Zeebu think of the Smurf-gate?
  5. … and SO much more!

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